Toe Bean Bestie - Cream Bunny

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Meet our delightful Toe Bean Besties, where we celebrate the adorable paws and toes of our furry friends that you simply can't resist squishing! Available in cream, taupe, and beige color variations, these charming plush companions are the epitome of springtime cuteness.

This beige-colored rabbit steals hearts with its puffy and rosy cheeks, floppy ears that are just begging to be petted, and big bunny feet adorned with soft paw pads. Whether you choose the creamy hues of taupe or the warmth of beige, each variant promises to bring a sweet and charming presence into your home.

Bring home a touch of springtime magic with our Toe Bean Besties, the perfect plush companions for cuddles, smiles, and endless moments of joy.

  • 9 inches from top to bottom
  • High quality materials make for a soft and fluffy touch.
  • Sweet, lovable expression.
  • Bigger, chubbier body parts made to look plump and cuddly.
  • To ensure the stability and quality, this plush contains bean pellets suitable for all ages.

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